mysms 5.9.2

Send texts from anywhere


  • Instantly syncs your contacts and messages
  • Group messanging
  • Text other mysms users for free


  • Have to trust mysms with your contacts

Very good

mysms is an application and service that allows you to text and chat from your phone or computer.

Sometimes it can be a pain to grab your phone that's across the room to make a text. mysms is available on all the major platforms and even has a web interface so you can send texts from whatever device you're on. No more walking across the room to grab your phone. Each computer or phone you install mysms on will be synced automatically.

The application is easy to use and syncs quickly. Choose to create a new message and start typing a contact's name. You then have a choice to send the message using your carrier, which will charge you text messaging fees, or send the message for free via mysms' service. Free messaging requires your friends to have mysms installed as well, similar to apps like Viber.

Overall, mysms is a great application and service for sending texts but users will have to put their faith in mysms' security.



mysms 5.9.2

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